Your Questions About Email Marketing Software

Your Questions About Email Marketing Software

September 18th, 2011 @

Joseph asks…

Reseller for email marketing software?

I am looking for a web based email marketing software reseller to sell in my own country. I saw a few IT companies using this similar ones (refer to pictures) but I couldn’t find who’s the creator and wish to be their reseller. Any ideas?

Thank you.

iConsult answers:

The software you are looking for is Email Marketing Software, a mass mailer PHP script by ActiveCampaign, Inc.

Here is the link to their web site:

Here is the link to this application:

Donald asks…

The Newsletter Software is the key for Email Marketing?

I don’t know much about the Newsletter Software. Is this the key to start the Email Marketing Campaign?Anyone can tell me how to choose one?

iConsult answers:

Absolutely yes! As the name implied, newsletter means to send your products and service to all your site subscribers. Without the Newsletter Software, you cannot send your subscribers via a member list. Yes, Newsletter Software can provide you a member list, it is your business treasure. Try this Newsletter Software:PHPKode Newsletter X.

Linda asks…

Whats the best email marketing software?

looking to do some affiliate marketing wats a good mass email sender

iConsult answers:

Email Marketing is the single best way to make residual income online.
No matter what the guy before me said.

The best Autoresponder out there is by far Aweber.

It is recommended by most internet marketers and there is a good reason for that.

Mark asks… – What is the best way for email marketing – any good software to extract and send emails.?

Thanks for viewing my question.
I am running a forum namely since a long time, around 2 years and it was the best forum for webmasters at that time but due to little dissconnection I losed my members and I am back again, its running , going good but I want more members, how can I promotes it. Please help me and do join my forum. Thanks Alot!
The reason was my dissconnection and before this I never did email marketing. I thought to email marketing like extracting some address from targetted niche and introducing about our site. Well as you said imisdro , I am doing the same and told the members about the site is up and running again but I was searching some more ways – Thanks for response.

iConsult answers:

It must have been a long time since you’re on the Web if you think extracting emails from the Web and blasting them with your invitation to join your forum is cool. That is plain and simple spamming because these people did not ask for your emails.

I suggest that you instead email your past users and let them know that your site is up and running again. Then slowly build your users again.

I use Constant Contact for sending emails to my optin subscriber because it is one of the cheapest around that can give me the functionality I need in sending text and HTML emails, as well as giving me metrics of open rates and click through rates

Nancy asks…

What is the best and cheapest bulk email marketing (with own mail server) software?

I want to email thousands of my subscribers every month but ISP limitations means that I have to find a commercial software with its own email server so as to not to contravene ISP rules.

iConsult answers:

You might want to visit this blog. It has a store which might sell the kind of software you are looking for. Good luck!

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